Lower School Students Learn to Tynker

Oscar Sosa is teaching students in grades 3-5 computational thinking and coding using a program called Tynker.  Computational thinking is the skill being taught, coding is the process for teaching students to think in this way. While students aren’t writing code in the way that an US student such as Will Manidis is, they are learning the logic and will eventually understand the code creating the Tynker blocks.20151014_114053

Behind the engaging characters and challenges of Tynker is a well thought out progression of skills. Tynker levels the lessons by grade with the 5th grade having lessons that move more quickly and with greater depth than that of the 4th or 3rd grade lessons. Recently, 5th grade students learned about coordinates and how to move their characters (sprites) by programming changes for x & y. Students are learning about coordinates within the context of the challenge they are trying to solve for their character.

Oscar’s goals for the children this year are to get them interested, get them producing, and develop their coding literacy. 20151014_114147When asked about the program 5th graders told T. Andy:

  • It is fun and interesting
  • It is very engaging and addicting
  • You have to be very specific with your sprite or they will not do what you want
  • Exercises the brain
  • It is a good way to teach kids how to create video games
  • It challenges your mind,  it is like doing surgery
  • Helps you learn programming skills
  • You can create a world of possible scenarios
  • Teaches you to be safe online
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