Award-winning Environmentalist and Triciclos founder visits Religion Class

Westtown faculty strive to bring the world to our students just as much as we work to send our students out into the world.

Kevin Eppler shared this report about a recent visitor to his Business and Society Class.

This morning, Westtown’s “Business and Society” (Adv), a course offered through Westtown’s Religion department,  hosted award-winning entrepreneur and environmentalist, Gonzalez Munoz to class.  Munoz is the founder of TriCiclos South American company that is changing the industry of recycling management by working with partners from government and business, generating incentives and strategies tailored to each of them. TriCiclos is the first South American B corporation (, and Munoz is an Ashoka Foundation Fellow as well as a featured entrepreneur in the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

20161017_083351During his visit, Munoz spoke of his calling to make positive change in the world through business, citing the near death of his daughter and the deaths of two close friends as lessons in the fragility of both life and time. He asked the students the question these life experiences prompted Munoz to ask of himself: How will you use your life and how will you use your privilege? He, an entrepreneur of waste management and recycling, ended our class time together by saying that the worst kind of waste is wasted talent.

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