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2017 NAIS Equity Design Lab: Culturally Responsive Teaching: A Teacher’s Experience

By Jeanne Watson-Smith I attended the NAIS Equity Lab with a knowledge and love of brain research. Zaretta Hammond, Design Lab leader, connected my past professional development with what we know about best practices for fostering the learning of students … Continue reading

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Award-winning Environmentalist and Triciclos founder visits Religion Class

Westtown faculty strive to bring the world to our students just as much as we work to send our students out into the world. Kevin Eppler shared this report about a recent visitor to his Business and Society Class. This … Continue reading

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Violence Prevention: A Lower School teacher’s call to action

By Marion Dear, 5th grade teacher What does sexual assault have to do with a Lower School teacher? My answer: just as institutionalized racism is a form of bullying, so is sexual assault. Bullying is defined as harm done repeatedly, when there … Continue reading

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Notes from the White Privilege Conference, Philadelphia 2016

By Marion Dear Themes from the White Privilege Conference in Philly 2016 White privilege defines “normal” as white (and Christian, of European heritage,  and heterosexual). White privilege marginalizes the many people and  students  who do not fit these categories. White … Continue reading

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Students Consider the Quaker Testimony on Equality

Meeting for Worship for Business Westtown Lower School Query on Equality March 3, 2016 Lower School students, faculty and friends entered the Meeting House to peaceful piano music and, after the Meeting had settled into silence, 5th grader Santiago read … Continue reading

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The Justice Project and Empathy

By Abigail Lausch After reading To Kill a Mockingbird, a Depression-era novel that focuses on the unjust trial of a black man, seventh graders began a project that combined two of the major themes of the novel: justice and empathy. … Continue reading

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